Feb 22, 2006

iPod and Me

Couple of months ago i acquired one of the coolest gadget of age, the Apple's iPod. RajaG was in US, and so i asked him to get me the 20 GB iPod. Ever since i have been collecting all the music i had heard and liked. Most of this collection came from my office itself. Some of the famous english songs and old hindi music was easy to find in office itself. The other favorites were acquired on the internet using peer-to-peer music sharing utility. Now i have 4 GB of music. Still approximately 15 GB of music can still be loaded on my iPod. One of the good things about iPod apart from it's sauvy design and ease of use, is the way it stores the music in the iPod. The iTunes software classifies the songs based on Artist, Album or Genre. I can also edit the id3 information of the music files so that i can easily locate the songs based on either the album name, artist name or genre. You appreciate this feature when you have 4 GB of music, and want to locate your song quickly.

Another good thing i managed was to get the iPod casette adapter and the Y Splitter cable. Roma was in US for couple of months, and i made her get these accessories. The casette adapter, i can use in Roma's car and listen to my iPod on the car speakers while driving. The Y splitter cable is used to feed the ipod music to my music system at home. Essentially one single collection of all my music, and enjoy it anyplace and anytime. Enjoying music has been a totally different and enthralling experience in the last couple of months.

Today was another one of the days when i appreciated my possesion so much. I had been contemplating to start jogging in the mornings. For some reason, i just could not wake up on time earlier. Today the weather had been pleasant and i did'nt have to get ready to go to office. So at 7 AM when i woke up, i decided to jog. Out came the iPod, pulled up my socks and i was ready for jog. Recently i had download the famous Billy Joel's songs. Piano man, River of Dreams, We did'nt start the fire etc..

It had been raining all night, So the weather was just perfect for the jog. Earlier whenever i decided to jog, it would turn out into just a morning walk. Moreover not more than 5 rounds. But today, with iPod with me, and Billy Joel singing the Piano Man it was a different day. Not only did i jog, i also completed 7 rounds. Though at the end i was sweating quite a bit and was completely exhausted, The experience was just too good.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog .Setting the backlight to “always on” will significantly reduce your Ipod batteries life. Only use the backlight when necessary.