Feb 22, 2006

Hamlet by Pravah

Pravah Theater group is staging Hamlet at Rangashankara. Hamlet and other plays by Shakespeare have been done in many different ways, each one trying to get a different meaning out of it. This play also tells the story of Hamlet but in a different form. This play merges vocals of 'Dhrupad', a dance form of 'Yakshgana' and finally the theater form of telling story. Some of the actors are from National School of Drama. All the diverse forms merging beautifully to re-create one of the best play ever written. Add to this the amazing Hindi translation done by Harivansh Rai Bachan and the Yakshagana delivering in Kannada with some part in English by our very own bard and you have one of the best scripts ever. The Hindi translation of this play is quite satirical with a touch of humor.

I was there at Rangashankara yesterday to watch the play first day first show and just loved it. Initially the cast talking in Hindi and English confuses you, but as you get used to it you realize how the director has picked up the best dialogues from both languages and presented it to you in a way no single language could do.

Please do take out some time in the evening and watch this play. The play is there till this Sunday. Please be warned that it is quite a serious play and is of 1:45 hours long without any break.

On a side note, yesterday during the last scene of the play Hamlet got hurt quite badly on his nose. He didn't flinch and continued his performance. When we saw blood on his face, we thought it was part of the play itself and he must have covered his face with some red paint. Only after the end of the play we realized that the blood was real and he was actually hurt. Kudos to that chap....


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