Mar 5, 2006

Theft @ Rangashankara

Last Friday Roma and I went to wach the play Theft at Rangashankara. Top Cast was doing this Eric Chappell’s play. The earlier Top Cast play that we had watched was Where There’s a Will and it was quite hillarious. This one also was quite good.

The play is about these two couples who are good friends. A thief breaks into their house one night. But before he is able to escape, the owners come back, and he is somehow caught. The thief first fools them to believe that he is a policeman investigating the burglary, but eventually he is caught. The house is situated in a countryside and there is no good access to either neighbours or police. So by the time they try to get some help, the thief talks to each individual and is able to extract one secret about them. Now he takes over the commanding position, and everyone wants to get rid of him. Through some good comical sequence, the thief brings is able to disrupt the two happy marriages and a strong friendship.

The thief’s acting was quite good. The way he keeps his calm in the situation and the way he brings out everyone’s secrets is hillarious.

Some of the jokes in the play were really funny. Sample this.

Spriggs (Thief) : So how long have they been married ?
Trevor : 20 years
Sprigss : What !!, you don’t get that for killing a person !!

Miles : This is just a one sided argument
Spriggs : Of course it’s a one sided argument. Do you expect me to take your side as well, do you ?

Barbara : What happened
Trevor : We had an argument, He said i was a loser and he was a cheat
Barbara : So, where’s the argument


Mar 3, 2006

Tonsils and Me

I have a very interesting relationship with Tonsils. Every now and then i feel like i am getting a throat catch, and the next morning i wake up with one. Yesterday after lunch i had a feeling that i am going to get Tonsils. I was feeling quite drowsy as well. Today morning when i got up, there it was lurking in my throat. Salt water gargle does’nt really help. I am loathe to taking allopathic tablets, and avoid it whenever i can. My tonsils typically go away in 3 days. Thats as much time a tablet takes to cure anybody’s tonsils. So why take tablets ?

Are there any good cure for these tonsils that people know of ? What do you do when you have Tonsils ?