Jan 9, 2010

Good Morning Jayanagar

Yes the title is inspired from the blog post of Twitter announcing it's collaboration with Bharti Airtel. But that is as far as the similarity goes.

Tomorrow early sunday morning, as Jayanagar (locality in Bangalore) wakes up and picks up their weekly edition of Cityplus newspaper freely delivered to them, they will become part of an advertising innovation which delivers promotional offers and discount that they are interested in on their mobile phone. Yes, What an Idea Sirji? Indeed. Our company EzeeCoupon, has tied up with 14 establishment in Jayanagar to deliver their discount offer to people who request for it. Cityplus readers just have to look up the mobile coupon code from a "Mobile Coupon Corner", SMS that code prefixed by EZEE (For example "EZEE BAP1") to 9243000111. Immediately they will receive an exclusive discount for the requested store.

Sounds simple? Yes it is. It is meant to be. You don't register anywhere. You don't fill out a form. You don't start your computer and connect it to Internet. You don't even have to have a fancy phone. And guess what? You don't have to pay 3 or 6 rupees as a VAS SMS as well. If you have a free sms plan from your phone service provider, you can download as many coupons for free. In essence that is the core of the services we envision to provide.

The idea as such is not ground breaking, but most definitely quite new. It involves the whole ecosystem of advertisers, to the advertising media and the consumers. We have really been lucky so far to get the advertisers and the media (Cityplus) to work with us (a story I'll save for later). But now is the real challenge when we present it to consumer and see how they react to it. Consumers usually detest changes. But there are a handful of innovation that has passed this crucial test. Hopefully we will pass as well.

Finally I do need help from everyone reading this blog to help us spread word about ezeecoupons and provide us feedback on it. So grab your copies of Cityplus Jayanagar edition, or call your sister, in-laws, friends or cousins staying in Jayanagar and ask them to check out this corner. And if you don't fall in any of that category, go to www.ezeecoupons.com and lookup the mobile coupon online. But most importantly, Avail the discount and let the advertisers know, that this is indeed a nice way to advertise. Talk/Tweet/Blog about it to your friends and help us spread virally.

Into the New World.


Sri said...

Mayank, Great to see ezeecoupons launched. got a Channel 9 coupon and liked the anagram game as well :-) Good luck to you guys and will spread the word to friends and family

KannadaMovies said...

I have added this news in my social networking site http://southspice.corank.com for the benefit of Bangaloreans. You innovations are rocking and economical too.

Poorab said...

Hi Mayank,
How is ezeecoupons doing? I hit the site but get redirected to mCoupons which has yummy Chocolate fudge pictures (your wife's blog).

I am evaluating a similar concept and would love to get your input as you have already traveled down that path.

I can't get your contact info from the 'contact' section of the blog so am reaching out to you via a comment.


Mayank Sharma said...


Thanks for informing me about the broken link. Just fixed it. you can reach me at mayanks(at)gmail(dot)com