Nov 30, 2009

Reliance Takes the First Shot

Last week I blogged about how the mobile operators price war is going to move to the SMS turf soon. Today I was pleasantly surprised at Reliance Communications advertisement about SMS tariff of 1 paise per SMS.

This is actually a BIG news for my application SmsTweet. So far only Airtel is the exclusive provider of Twitter services on mobile phones through SMS. Even for Airtel users though it costs them one rupee to send a Tweet. SmsTweet on the other hand uses a 10 digit long number (9220092200 - local to Mumbai and recently 9243000111 - local to Bangalore). This ensures that you can send a Tweet from any mobile provider at your regular SMS charges. For most of the users it either means a local (1 rupee) or a STD (1.5 rupees) charge.

Now since Reliance has dropped its SMS rates to 1 paise, it means that you can use SmsTweet to send your Tweets at just 1 paise. That is way cheaper than Twitter's exclusive provider. So what are you waiting for Reliance subscribers. Go ahead and tweet through your mobile phone.

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Do they provide national sms for 1ps? Or is it only for local SMS ?