Nov 19, 2004

Last days of my BachelorHood

One more week before i am off to Jhansi, and two weeks before i get married. Marriage is supposed to bring a lot of changes in one's life. But somehow i don't seem to notice any changes in me. Maybe it's because i've known Roma for a real long time. Marriage is just a next logical
step in our relationship. That does'nt mean i am not excited and am not looking forward to my marriage. I am waiting for the day with all eagerness. We will be getting married in a small town called orcha, around 15 km from Jhansi my hometown. It's a beautiful town with lots of temples, and river betwa flowing through it.
We will reach there on 2'nd December. The marriage is on 3'rd December, and by 4'th evening we will be leaving that place. Hopefully most of my close friends from school, college and impulsesoft will make it to my wedding. Hopefully if i have time, i'll be posting here more frequently and share
my happy moments.